The Missoula Smokejumper Base is located at the Aerial Fire Depot by Missoula International Airport, Missoula Montana. The base is situated at the west end of the airport along with the Region One Fire Cache, the Interagency Fire Science Laboratory and the Northern Region Training Center.

Currently the base holds 85 smokejumpers consisting of men and women from many walks of life. From jumpers in their early 20's, to some in their 50's, these are all dedicated and professional individuals who are highly trained and experienced firefighters.

US Smokejumpers primary role is to suppress wildfires in remote mountainous terrain of the Western United States. In doing this we provide a self sufficient capability of initial attack on remote mountainous terrain, wilderness areas, rangeland and the desert southwest.

Utilizing a fleet of fixed wing aircraft including a Turbine DC-3, a Twin Otter and a Shorts Sherpa, firefighters and paracargo operations can reach anywhere in the country.

Typical jump country includes most of the Western United States from Alaska to New Mexico and California to Wyoming. Jumpers also provide personnel for extended attack and Incident Command Systems(ICS) fire teams.

Jumpers also provide personnel for prescribed burning operations throughout the United States. Currently jumpers are used as tree climbers in New York and Chicago for an ongoing insect erradication program.